Animals In Danger Презентация

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Animals In Danger Презентация

Презентация рассчитана в помощь учителю, который проводит уроки на тему «Животные, которые на грани вымирания». Содержит иллюстрации и дополнительный материал, который разнообразит урок и даст детям возможность узнать больше новых фактов о редких видах животных со всего мира. Материал может быть использован как в 5 классах, так и в классах постарше, лексика разнообразная.

ELEPHANTS Elephants are the biggest land animals. They are mammals. They are grey and have no hair. Their skin is thick and rough. They come from Africa and Asia. African elephants have very big ears and Asian elephants have small ears. They live in hot regions. The elephant has a very long nose, which is called a trunk and two long white teeth called tusks.

Elephants eat a lot of food they are herbivore, that means that they don’t eat meat. They eat leaves, grass, fruit and even trees. They eat around 140 kilos of food a day and drink 180 litres of water. A big elephant is over 3.5 metres tall and weighs 6000 kilos. Elephants love water and they are good swimmers. Nowadays they are in danger of becoming extinct because they are killed for their ivory tusks which are used to make ornaments or necklaces.

Презентация :«Animals are in danger»

Pandas are mammals. They live in jungles of China. Pandas have got long black and white fur. They always look very sad. They grow up to two metres. They eat bamboo, plants and sometimes fish. They are omnivore – animals that eat plants and meat. There are less than 1000 left in the wild.

They are in danger of becoming extinct because people are destroying their habitat – the place where they live. Farmers want more and more land to grow different products, so they cut down lots of bamboo and change the bamboo forest into a field. Pandas are also killed for their fur to make rugs.

Презентация «Animals in Danger»

  • Государственное Бюджетное
  • образовательное учреждение
  • гимназия№1562 им.А.Боровика г.Москвы
  • План-конспект урока
  • «Animals in Danger»
  • Разработала учитель английского языка
  • высшей категории
  • Акимова Анна Эдуардовна
  • Москва -2014
  • save
  • high
  • deep
  • hide
  • fresh
  • depend on
  • hunt
  • domestic
  • cut down
  • use
  • animals
  • river
  • mountain
  • trees
  • air
  • lives
  • tigers
  • planet
  • in forests
  • Name (I’d like to tell you about…)
  • Area of living (in the forests, fields, seas, rivers, lakes)
  • Size (big, small)
  • Food (grass, plants, fish, wild animals…)
  • Relations with men (People use them for: sport, food, clothes, work, laboratory tests)
  • Number of animals (There are only ….. left)
  • can ………………………………………….
  • We must ………………………………………..
  • mustn’ t ………………………………

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