My Native City Сочинение

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My Native City Сочинение

We have lots of places for the young people to visit. There are a lot of cafes and interest clubs. For example, there are several English-clubs opening every year. They provide free movie-evenings and speaking clubs. There are also lots of yoga classes and sport places to attract people to healthy life. We also have various museums and art galleries. There are some old traditional museums like The National Art Museum and the new ones like The House of Pictures. What is more, to popularize the places there are days when you can go there for free. I like shopping and my city provides lots of shopping centers to visit. Me and my friends can go shopping, relax in the cafe and go to the movie. And all that is in one place. There are also two aqua parks to spend the weekend at. There are a lot of visitors especially in summer. More and more people go to the dolphinarium, where you can not only watch the performance, but also swim with these amazing animals. So my native town has a lot to show. And there is no way I’m getting away from it. Перевод: Я родилась в большом городе, и я очень люблю его.

Город удивительно сочетает в себе исторические здания и современные тенденции. Я люблю центр города. Он называется Старый город. Там красивые узкие улочки с брусчаткой, красивыми разноцветными домами и старинными церквями. Ночью город зажигается и выглядит захватывающим.

У нас также есть много музеев и художественных галерей. Есть несколько старых традиционных музеев, таких как Национальный художественный музей и новые, как Дом Картин. Более того, для популяризации этих мест, устраивают дни, когда туда можно сходить бесплатно.

Мне нравится ходить по магазинам и в моем городе есть много торговых центров. Я и мои друзья можем пройтись по магазинам, отдохнуть в кафе и пойти в кино. И все это в одном месте.

My name is Alexandra. I’m a ninth grade student at the secondary school. My native town is Rostov-on-Don. I was born in this city and spent all my childhood years here. Having the population over one million, I can say that it’s a metropolis and the administrative center of our region. Rostov is a port city as it is situated on one of the major Russian rivers called the Don.

I like my city, although some people find it to be too large and difficult to navigate. We have recently learnt a bit about its history. It was interesting to know that the first custom house was established in this area by Empress Elizabeth in the 18th century. Its purpose was to control trade relations with Turkey. The name Rostov-on-Don appeared at the beginning of the 19th century and the city quickly developed into a major trade center and communication hub. All in all, the city has eight districts. The most populated is the Voroshilovsky district. It houses more than 200 people.

The climate is mild in my city, although closeness to the Don River and the Azov Sea influences greatly the weather conditions. It often rains and the level of humidity is rather high.

My city is full of attractions and entertainment. For example, we often visit the local aqua park H2O, the dolphinarium, the Rostov State circus and the family entertainment center “Safari”. When we have guests from other cities we show them around. Most people like the Don River lookout and its bridges. The city is also full of ancient fortresses, beautiful churches and cathedrals.

I know that many notable people have lived and created their masterpieces in Rostov. Among them, Anton Chekhov, Mikhail Sholokhov, Dmitri Mendeleev, Martiros Saryan.

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